When things are difficult we are told to stay positive. The question is how do you make that happen.

How does one stay positive when you are not seeing or feeling the results of your efforts. I struggle with this every day. Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”Here are some strategies I use to keep me focused on my mission, which is to join the women entrepreneurs and have a successful Blog, Etsy Shop and open a Shopify store one day. I am not an expert on being positive by any means but if this helps you then that’s what counts. So here we go.

1. Go with the flow.

I always start the day thinking about of all the things I want to accomplish and it never goes as planned. Life always gets in my way. I sometimes get irritated about that, why? The only thing I really can do is to accept the way things are going and try to get back on track, or not. If I stay positive, I win!

2. Control your reaction.

I am pretty good at acting like I am ok with things but underneath I let whatever the situation is, eat me up inside. I need to calm down and relax and choose to respond positively to the situation, from within. Look and feel the part. So to help my do this I count to 4 as I breathe in, and count to 4 as I breathe out. I do this until I arrive at the “I’m better now” state of mind. It actually works really well for me, most of the time.

3. Remember there is always tomorrow.

That list of stuff I didn’t get done will still be there tomorrow and probably bigger. To that, I say, great! Bring it on! Well, not always, but my intentions are most certainly there. Maybe there will be an opportunity today that wasn’t there yesterday.

4. It didn’t get done for a reason.

Maybe if I had done it yesterday it wouldn’t have turned out as good as it turned out today. This scenario happens to me a lot! The idea I had yesterday was not nearly as cool as the one I had today! I love it when that happens!

5. Be happy with what you “have” accomplished.

So hard to do for me, I am never satisfied with what I have done, I beat myself up with the “I should have…” all the time. It is hard for me to even say that. So I have been learning to “pat myself on the back” which I love and hate at the same time.

6. Success is relative.

Another thing I have a tendency to do is judge my success based on others, but are “they” as successful as I think they are. On the flip side of that, am I more successful then I think I am. It’s all about perspective. If you can change your perspective, will it then change your attitude? Yes, it can.


I guess the take away on this is that staying positive is indeed as hard to do as the effort you putting into something, like parenting, being in a relationship, opening a business or starting a blog. All of these things are worth the effort and will turn out the way they were meant to, I want to believe this is true.










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