Easy to use motivational tips that every creative woman should use for a stress-free, organized and productive day!

I am not an expert, but these are some of the tips I have learned to help me stay motivated, inspired and organized. These 10 steps may be helpful to you too. They keep me moving forward. I think that maybe success is a state of mind, change your outlook, change the outcome. Just a thought!

1. Follow a schedule.

Find what works for you, write down and then get in the habit of sticking to it. Warning! Easier said than done!

2. Rise and shine early.

I am not a morning person at all but getting that extra hour is amazing. I love to look at the clock and be excited that I am making “good time”. What, it’s only 3:00? Sweet!

3. Take several breaks.

Get up and stretch, drink some water, eat a snack, step outside for some fresh air and then get back to work. I have a smarty(pants) watch that tells me how long I have been inactive and when to get moving. You’d be surprised how long you have been sitting in that chair.

4. Stay organized.

I am actually good at this. Make a list of goals for the day or the week if you feel extra motivated. Try to keep it short so you don’t feel overwhelmed and burn out. Also, try and stay on top of your emails, sometimes mine get out of hand.

5. Always have something to write and take notes on.

Your thoughts are just thoughts until you write them down, then they become a concept within your reach. If I don’t write them down, I will lose them for sure.

6. Stay inspired.

I find inspiration in reading post and articles from my favorite women entrepreneurs and men for that matter. I see them as teachers and mentors even though I don’t know them personally. If you know one personally, you are lucky indeed.

7. Keep an open mind.

Always be willing to learn and adapt to the path you’re on. Be ready to map a new course.

8. Use your resources.

There are so many useful tools out there to help you grow your business. Whether you buy them or use the free ones, you can’t do it alone.

9. Take time for yourself.

Sometimes I have so many tasks planned that I can’t possibly get them all done in a day. I will look at the clock realize just how late it is and I know I need to quit for the day. Rest is so important in keeping your momentum.

10. Be proud of yourself.

I am unfortunately not very good at this but I am learning to celebrate even the small victories. One by one, they all add up!


Everyone needs a little help staying motivated, I know I do. I hope that these, somewhat, easy tips help you on your way to success! Enjoy the journey!



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