Do you need a mental health makeover?

Only 6 Days to a better you!

This free email course was designed to help you work towards a more positive mental attitude.

Confronting and understanding your feelings is a big step on your path to better mental health and well-being.

This email course has 6 worksheets that were specifically designed to help you start feeling better from day one.

You will receive a new worksheet each day that will help you track your moods and show you where you can make improvements to your overall mental health.

Don’t dream of having a happier mind, body, and spirit. You can make it happen, all you have to do is just believe in yourself !​


 Look what you get…

Here is what you can expect to receive From this Course:

  • Have a Good Day Checklist
  • Daily To-Do List and Mood Planner
  • Daily Mood Tracker Worksheet​
  • I Am Thankful For… Worksheet​
  • Turn a Negative Thought Into a Positive Thought Worksheet
  • Mental Health Writing Journal Worksheet
Mental Health Makeover Email Course Worksheets


So why should you try this email course?

These worksheets were designed to help you stay focused and help you improve     your mental well-being and kick some ass.

You will be amazed at how well you can track your moods and become familiar with what triggers certain feelings and learn how to respond to those feelings whether they are good or bad.

You can use these awesome worksheets as many times as you like, just print them out and save in your own notebook.

Saving paper? Not a problem!

As a bonus, I have also provided digital PDF copies as well. Just fill them out on your computer and save them in a folder on your computer


Let me just say…

I know what it is like to struggle and juggle with anxiety and depression. I have put together this email course with the worksheets I used myself. I want to share them with you to help you reach your goals, just like I did (and still doing).

I am not going to lie…

It takes hard work and dedication to get yourself mentally equipped to take on life’s challenges. So, armed with a little knowledge and a little courage you can make the best life for yourself possible.

You deserve that, don’t you think? I sure as hell think you do!

Below are all the worksheets you will receive in this email course…

Have a Good Day Checklist

Daily To-Do List Mood Planner

Weekly Mood Planner

I am Thankful For...

Negative to a Positive

Mental Health Writing Journal

Hello all, I’m Michele.

Please check out my tiny spot on the web, where I talk about living life with anxiety, depression and personal development.

We often isolate ourselves from others when we need them the most. We smile into the faces of the ones we love as our pain goes unseen.

We are our greatest resource. We need to connect with one another and share our journey’s, on what I like to call the “struggle bus”. We can make the ride, less bumpy, together.

Join me!