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Have you ever wondered if blogging was for you or maybe you aren’t sure if you’re the blogging type? Well, I am proof that you never know until you try it. You may be born to blog!

Get Inspired By Other Great Bloggers!

I wanted to start my own blog after I found some very inspiring women bloggers who were doing what they loved. Sharing information on things they were passionate about and then decided to share that information to help and inspire others. Well, it worked because I am totally inspired by them. They helped me realize that if they can do it, then maybe I can too.

You see, I love graphic design and work as a website designer with my husband.  Actually designing a website for someone else is very difficult. It’s hard to translate what someone wants their website to look like on paper, into a design. The “behind the scenes” part of website design, the programming part, was a lot more relaxed, but no one really sees it, besides, that’s my husband’s thing and he is so much better at it then I am. I really love to make things “pretty” as my husband calls it.


So Where Do You Begin?

Starting my blog came with the notion of how I was inspired by so many women and their inspirational stories and thoughts, so why not add a design to some of those inspirational thoughts. That decision led me to open my second Etsy shop so I could start selling my printable designs and what came next was an unexpected side effect, I wanted to share with others how I found the courage to open that 2nd Etsy shop and why I thought my 1st Etsy shop failed.


Try Shifting Your Focus To Something Unexpected.

My original thought was to share my experience with starting my Etsy shops, all of my victories and my defeats. After years of trying to make the “Etsy Shop” happen for me, I found myself focusing on getting emotionally prepared for the ups and downs of owning an Etsy shop again by reading many blog posts by creative women entrepreneurs, The thing is, I could not stop reading about how they made their dreams happen. It was truly motivating!

This changed my focus and the direction I was going, although I started my Etsy shop and my blog around the same time, I have gravitated towards blogging out of the desire to pass on the lessons I have learned from the creative women I was so inspired by. I feel empowered by their stories and I want to share that feeling with someone else who has lost their way on the path of success!

Plus, I love making things beautiful, so maybe, I could show you how too!


What Are The First Steps To Take?


What Should I Blog About?

Whatever you decide is a perfect start, you can change your mind at any time. In fact, most of the bloggers I have encountered did that very thing, as did I!

Choosing a Domain Name.

Find a balance between being too specific and too non-specific. This is not easy, so do little research to make sure no one has the same name. Try not to stress yourself out about it, like I did.

Finding Website Host.

For this I chose the WordPress platform, this really is the best option. There is a reason why so many bloggers use them. It is a great starting point, and there is a lot of help out there if you need it. It is pretty easy and there are a lot of pretty free templates to choose from.

Writing Your First Post.

Well, all I can say is just start typing or writing and see what you come up with, then be amazed at what it evolves into, you’ll be surprised and proud of yourself. Enjoy what you’ve accomplished, It’s a pretty big deal! These first steps are scary but so worth it.


Ready, Set, Go…

I so am glad you decided to join me and I am so happy I have you to share all that I have learned and I hope you share what you have learned with others. One thing that I am sure of is we need each other to keep us inspired and motivated.

I wouldn’t be writing this if I hadn’t been so inspired and empowered by the amazing creative women out there that are successfully doing the same thing. Here are a few words of encouragement.

Blog away!

There are no critics here!

Give it all you’ve got!

Believe you can and you will!

So what are you waiting for?

Share something girl!



Thanks for visiting!


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