How do we find a way to overcome our fears and find our self-confidence?

There are so many things in our lives that cause us to have self-doubt and low self-confidence, that being said, I do know that if we support each other, we can do anything!

Fear and self-doubt are something I struggle with every day. Staying motivated while having doubts in the back of your mind is almost impossible to do, for me anyway. The thought of failing (again) or letting ourselves down (again) is hard to think about. Rarely do I step out of my comfort zone and I seem to “follow” as opposed to “being followed”. I think by doing that I am protecting myself but am I really holding myself back or is it a little both. Is there a middle ground, if so, show me where it is. I know, I know, I have to figure it out on my own.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on my Etsy shop and I have added many new items. As I write this, I have 36 printable designs. Some of my competitors have hundreds and the thought of that is overwhelming. I am afraid I will not be able to compete with that. Is the market saturated, is there a niche of my own out there, how long will it take me to make that many designs? So many unknowns.

Never, never, never give up!

Yeah, I am not feeling that way today. I need to find the strength to do this. Get my self-confidence back on track. I looked at my shop statistics and it is not looking so good. My shop is still in the infancy stage, I know this because I have been through this before. It feels awful but that’s why I am talking about it. There are many of you out there who feel the same.

I need a game plan. I need to find out why my statistics aren’t looking so good. In the last month since I opened the number of views I have is a depressing 14 and I have had only 2 visits. Ouch, that hurts! Here’s a bit of good news, one awesome person “favorited” one of my designs. It happens to be my favorite design, called “I Can Do Anything”.

Do you have inner dialog similar to mine?

My inner dialog goes something like this. “I think this week I need to take a good look at my keywords and descriptions, they may need some work. I think my images are pretty darn good though. What if it’s my designs? I fear that maybe they aren’t good enough. I have a diverse collection I think. What am I missing? Will my views improve? Will I need to find alternatives to getting my designs seen and actually selling them” I will definitely look into all of these questions.

These are the moments when we dig down deep and pull up some strength to keep moving forward. Find some inspiration, do some research, read some articles from my favorite bloggers, Etsy store owners, and women (and men) entrepreneurs.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is hard to start something that you have no idea how it will end. Fear and self-doubt along the way don’t help the situation but I guess it gives us plenty lessons to be learned and opportunities to take. So I end this post by saying hang in their girl, we CAN do this. It just takes a little hope and courage.


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